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Sunday, 9 October 2011

When Your Clothes Let You Down

Have you ever experienced occasions when your clothes have completely ruined your day? You may even have had the misfortune to see your clothing choices bring about more severe catastrophes in life. Sometimes, it seems like things simply go wrong.
These disasters can come in all shapes and sizes. Often, they occur when you least expect them. One of the classic mistakes that we may make would be to arrive somewhere, having made the wrong clothing choices. This is a particular problem if your own dress sense simply doesn't match a wider, agreed dress code.
You may have made the mistake of being rather more casual, for example, with your choices of clothes than was intended by your host. This can certainly cause problems and you'll find that some people are more forgiving than others in this situation.
Whether you feel over-dressed or under-dressed, the biggest impact usually involves you being uncomfortable. Things simply don't feel right. Of course, this can have particularly difficult consequences if you are attending a more formal occasion. A job interview is one such situation where it's important that things don't go wrong.
The problem with job interviews is that it's not always clear what the dress code is at the business that you will be visiting. Do you risk wearing a suit and then turning up to find out that current employees make use of jeans and casual shirts? This could leave you feeling out of place.
On the other hand, is it worse to opt for casual clothing, only to discover that you are being interviewed by individuals wearing a traditional suit? My own view is that you're are better to dress formally, rather than taking the informal option, in most cases. This could leave you feeling slightly uncomfortable, but it's unlikely to destroy your chances of getting a job.
You may face the same problem when attending parties. Although your future employment prospects won't be on the line, the danger here will be that you could offend the hosts. Think about the type of party that is going to take place. You may be able to ask the hosts about their plans. Alternatively, make use of layers!
Much of the above examples involve obvious clothing choices, but it's also true that accidents happen too. A clothing failure (such as losing a vital button) can actually be even more humiliating. In such circumstances, it's worth reflecting on the fact that such problems can happen to anyone. You're not alone! So try not to worry and get on with things as well as you can.
We can sometimes take clothing for granted. That's easy to do, until things start to go wrong!
article by simon barnett

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