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Monday, 10 October 2011

My Tips On Looking Your Best

As you can see in my childhood pic above, we’re all privy to not feeling our best at times. Since we’ve had a WGA week of somewhat *ahem* serious wedding posts, I thought it’d be apt to throw in something light and mainstream… After all, who doesn’t want to look good? Having spent a near decade in the modeling line (cue: retirement), I’ve managed to pick up a few tips here and there from make-up artists, celebs and people in the know. So here it goes girls, if you’re suffering from a breakout or suddenly your dress isn’t quite fitting, fear not… because these WGA tips may or may not save the day ;)

Attack of the bad skin

Moral of the story? No last minute tanning or trying out fake tans before the wedding! Trust me, I once bought some fake tan before my school ball and let’s just say that ‘orange’ was my colour of the night.  Speaking of last minute hiccups though, it’s no surprise that nearing the big day any bride who’s become bridezilla felt stressed, might be susceptable to an outbreak or two. As someone who had a mother with great expectations, I’ve learned from an early age how to best zap those zits before they even begin to evolve into themselves. How does one handle this situation?
  • Find yourself a great pimple cream that contains either Benzoyl Peroxide or salicylic acid, lovely chemicals that will fry dry your zit out. I recommend Kiehls Blue Herbal Spot treatmentor one of the Oxy creams if you are on a budget
  • Secondly, to heal the pimple (as most likely it will be red or inflamed), get a piece of Aloe Vera(yes, buy the actual plant!) and rest the fleshy part on your pimple. I know it sounds weird but I did this as a teenager and it would amazingly heal things within a day. Just remember to avoid answering the front door as I once did…
  • Skin has to look good from the inside out, so try taking Evening Primrose or Royal Jelly (I takeGNC’s “Supreme Royal Jelly” first thing in the morning) a month before the wedding
Attack of the not-so-toned body
So you’ve missed a few gym sessions and though you might not be fat, things are looking a lil wobbly. Now I’ve done everything from dance to yoga to tennis to running and the best way to tone up fast is via powerplate.  For those of you who haven’t heard, powerplate is the latest fad to hit the fitness scene. I discovered it about a year ago at the Bodytone Wellness Studio in Bangsar, where I have been going ever since. Basically, it’s a machine that vibrates while you carry out your exercises such as push-ups, lunges and so on. Though currently available at select gyms, it’s highly recommended that you work out with a personal trainer. And because of the personal trainer aspect, it can be expensive, but in my opinion it’s still worth it for many reasons:
  • The vibration causes you to work your muscles from the inside out and thus speeds up the toning process
  • It also increases your metabolism (bye bye carbs)
  • Celebs such as Madonna and Victoria Beckham use it (if it’s good enough for Mad…:)
  • This is not an ad! I genuinely think it’s the best option if you need to quickly tone up and all I need are two sessions for a big difference!

  • Attack of the “I don’t like myself”
  • As long as you’re female, there’s a high chance that you’ve had those days of “I can’t bear to look in the mirror!”. This is a slightly trickier problem to solve because you can’t really buy something from the chemist (well, err, let’s not go there) to pick you up. Chances are you’re either (a) worn out from wedding prep (b) nervous single life is over? (I don’t know, just guessing!) or the most common explanation and excuse (c) Tick, tock, it’s that time of the month. Whatever the cause, if you’re going to be that beautiful bride, you’d better be feeling it from the inside out. Here’s what I would do:
    • Dance like you’ve never danced before! Lock your room and pop your iPod on. Let it out and get back into the groove… literally!
    • Pamper yourself. Whether it be a massage, shopping with the girls or dining at your favourite restaurant, do something that makes you happy
    • Grab your man (after all, you’re marrying him) and head out for a night of some quality time. If there’s someone who can definitely cheer you up, it should be him.
Simply cover up as much as possible! If you can’t be seen… x

author: Stephanie Chai

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