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Monday, 10 October 2011

Secrets of the World of Perfume - 1

Entering the world of perfume I have discovered there are only 6 main fragrances from which all perfumes are derived. The main two are Floral and Oriental under which probably 80% of perfumes can be categorised. Minor players are Citrus, Wood, Chypre and Fruit. From these main categories sub-categories are recognised to further distinguish the fragrance so for example you get Floral Fruit or Oriental Wood. All these sub-categories and nuances does little to help the bewildered customer select the right perfume for them. The plethora of fragrances available is bewildering with ever increasing numbers of celebrities getting in on the act. Here in is a clue to this industry in so much as there probably little dark magic involved in creating a potion arising from years and years of dedicated experimentation and the accumulation of expert knowledge, that will appeal to the masses.
As we begin to peel away the facade of an industry and delve deeper so we begin to understand the true essence of what makes it tick. And the truth becomes quite simple and obvious with the amassing of the facts. But ordinary customers are so busy with their hectic lives they have no time to seek the truth and who can they turn to and trust? This is an ongoing dilemma as society becomes ever more embroiled in a pace of life that only ever seems to spiral faster and faster. With the age of the internet so much information can be accessed but it brings with it the question of validation so most of us are back at square one! And the great brands of our time know and play on this to keep them in the public eye through their continuous marketing campaigns and indoctrination of superiority through branding.
So the key question is how to choose the fragrance that is right for you! The price of a product is certainly no indication at all in this particular industry, but all those big brand names do their utmost to persuade you otherwise with expensive glossy advertising, packaging and great looking displays. What we really need to know is exactly what goes into each pretty bottle so we can make an informed judgement as to where the quality lies. But here you meet a brick wall, and those in the know recognise there is little to differentiate many of the good brands out there and guard their knowledge closely. So a little investigative work of your own and find out those well kept secrets and you can discover a few quality brands at realistic prices and save yourself and your friends a small fortune.

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