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Sunday, 9 October 2011

How to Choose the Perfect Leather Handbag

While fashion trends come and go, the classic leather handbag is staple of any discerning woman's wardrobe. However, when faced with a huge array of options at the shops, you may feel overwhelmed. When searching for the perfect leather handbag, size, construction, style, and price should be your primary concerns. Here are elements to keep in mind as you shop.

While the trend might be to carry a tiny bag, you will find it difficult to stuff your mobile, pocketbook, and cosmetic case into a diminutive clutch. Conversely, don't feel pressured to carry a huge hobo bag if you have always travelled light. Take a hard look at your favourite handbags of the past. Chances are, they are the size you most favour. If you're a mum to young children, consider whether or not you still need to carry a nappy bag or if you could possibly fit the essentials in your handbag.
Sturdy leather handbags should have secure stitching and solid hardware. Don't be afraid to empty the bag and check the interior for flaws in the lining or the seams. Run the zips back and forth and inspect the straps. Rub your finger along the grain. No dye should come away on your hand and this should not leave a dull spot. Finally, smell the bag. Inferior tanning methods will leave the leather smelling like chemicals. Some designers try to cover the smell with perfumes. A quality bag should smell like a brand-new leather overcoat. If it reeks of cologne or is suspiciously odourless, move on to the next shop.
Style falls in with size much of the time, but there are additional considerations. While some handbags are so classic they will last decades, some are far too trendy and will appear dated within months. For example, patchwork leather handbags were very popular several years ago but are now considered out of fashion. Heavy metal embellishments have also come and gone. You should also make sure the strap length is within your comfort zone and that the compartments inside are compatible with the items you normally carry.
While quality leather handbags are not cheap, there is no reason to spend hundreds of pounds unless you see your handbag as a status symbol. High-fashion designers often release a bag collection that is quickly copied by less expensive brands. Unless the name stamped on the lining matters to you, ignore the designer names and focus on finding a bag you like. Keep in mind that one expensive, classic bag is often worth the price of two or three trendy bags.
Finding the right handbag can be time consuming, but using these tips can help you narrow your search considerably. By paying attention to price, style, construction, and size, you can find the best handbag for you at the right price.
by: Jamie Simpson

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