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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Shoes and Fashion

Instead of blouses being the focal point of an ensemble, this year's shoes and fashion declare that the feet are the focal point. The clothing this year features vanilla and beige-like colors while offering hints of florescents, blues and reds. Shoes this year come in a wide variety of colors. This year is all about contradictions. The footwear should either be subtle in the form of boots or completely noticeable, like high-heeled sandals with knee-high socks.
The look this year is either above-the-knee boots, transparent boots or any form of high heels with socks. The latter of the three is less about the shoe itself but rather the combination of high heels with socks. The socks can be worn knee-high or mid-shin. This look can be done with high heels in pumps, sandals or ankle boots. The style of the shoe does not matter with this fashion. When it comes to pointed toes versus rounded ones, anything goes. The eighties were all about stacking socks, sometimes with as many as three pairs. This year's look is form-fitting, and unlike the leg-warmer look three decades back, the socks are somewhat thicker. The key to this look is that the hosiery clings to the leg. You can wear knitted, plaid, brown, blue or any kind of sock you like. The idea is to match the outfit and shoes; however, because this Autumn and Winter's colors are camel, beige, cream and similar light neutral tones with a splash of vibrant florescent colors, the socks can be of any contrasting color.
Shoes and fashion experts dictate above-the-knee boots are fashionable this Autumn and Winter. This look can be worn with leggings, skinny jeans, skirts and shorts. The above-the-knee boot will cover most of the leg, and the leggings worn underneath them make it possible to wear short skirts and shorts with them. Try not to let the hem of your skirt go past the top of the boots. The purpose is to draw attention to the boots.
On the flip-side, transparent boots will draw attention, even though they are barely there, but the idea is so phenomenal that, despite their clarity. They receive the total attention no matter what you are wearing. Whether they're knee-high or mid-shin, these clear boots leave nothing to the imagination concerning your feet. Wear these boots with or without heels. The idea is not to wear anything underneath them, so no socks or leggings are needed. You will, however, need a pedicure to wear these boots.
For shoes and fashion this Autumn and Winter, it seems that the clunkier and gaudier the shoe, the better. Shoes and fashion this season are about buckles, ties, clasps and straps in a wide array of colors, although grays and browns are favored. What's nice about this year is that regardless of what you wear, assuming that it's form-fitting and largely neutrally-based colors, you can mix and match as you please. Wear a hint of color to add flair to your wardrobe.
Your wardrobe for shoes and fashion this year allows you to mix and match to your heat's content. Pull older outfits out of your closet and mix them with new pieces you buy. Wear your old shoes with new socks. Because this year suggests that almost anything goes, the possibilities are endless.

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