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Monday, 10 October 2011

What Do Women Want?

From their men that is. As a woman, do you know exactly what you want in your man? Or the kind of qualities you seek when you get into a relationship?
Dating and relationships can be fun, what with the thrill of a brand new relationship, getting to know the person and all that. That works fine if you’re just dating for fun or merely looking for a good time.
But when it comes to a serious relationship, you can minimize the hurt, pain and broken hearts you have to endure if you do know what it is you want from a relationship right from the very beginning.
Of course every woman is different, and naturally, the qualities that she seeks out in the men she is in a relationship with will be different. For a stable relationship that could have a potential future, what a woman needs to look for in her man is:
  • Commitment: Is he ready to commit or is he still at the phase where he is comfortable with the way things are without seeing the need to take things to the next level? If you are the type that is ready for a commitment but he isn’t on that same level, you might want to be wary here.
  • Responsibility: Ideally, the man you are seeking for a long term relationship with a future should be a responsible individual that knows what he has to do, what needs to be done and takes the necessary steps to do so. 
  • Trust: Trust is a vital, if not the most important ingredient in looking for a long term relationship. If you don’t have a strong bond of trust, you could find a lot of problems cropping up that will make your relationship go south sooner or later.
  • Faithful: A man in a long term relationship should be able to be committed enough to be faithful.
  • Sense Of Humour: Your man should be able to make you laugh and have fun. A sense of humour is important in a relationship because you could risk being bored and lose interest after a while.
  • Respect: Your man MUST respect you. He should respect you as an individual, and value your thoughts, beliefs and opinions like his equal.  If he doesn’t, he is not worth your time.

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By: elise

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