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Sunday, 9 October 2011

5 Fashion Trends For All Body Types

Update your wardrobe with these wearable trends to please every body!

1. Tulip Skirts
The tulip skirt got its name because it takes on the shape of an inverted tulip. This skirt is flattering to almost any body type, and makes a great investment piece – it can be worn for a night out in town or incorporated into your work wardrobe.
Style tips:
  • Tulip skirts add curves because of the extra fabric around the hip area — perfect for straighter body types.
  • If you want to create the illusion of more curves in your hip area, buy a tulip skirt with pleats at the top near the hips.
  • If you are top-heavy, opt for a skirt that flares at the bottom to help balance out the overall shape of your body.

2. Floral prints
Pretty floral prints have such a carefree summery vibe. And best of all? They’re a look that work for all ages — whether you’re 15 or 50.
Style tips:
  • If you’re on the petite side, stay away from large patterns as these can overwhelm your small frame.
  • Go for a soft, floral print frock for the ultimate girly look a la Lindsay Price.
  • To toughen up the feminine look a little, take a cue from Taylor Momsen and team with leather leggings or grunge it up with acid-washed jeans.

3. Neon
’80s-inspired neon hues have made a huge comeback, so go on and accent your look with these acid brights!
Style tips:
  • Hot pink (as seen on Carrie Underwood) is gorgeous on darker skin tones, while Eva Mendes’ bright yellow flatters fairer complexions.
  • Granted, a head-to-toe look isn’t for the faint of heart. But you can go for a subtler take with separates, and keep the bold hue to just the top or bottom. For example, if you’re wearing a bright blouse, offset with a basic black skirt and neutral accessories.
  • Color-shy? No problem. You can work the neon trend by keeping them to smaller areas, like shoes or bags.

4. Rompers
Is it any surprise that the beach-friendly one-piece romper has emerged as one of summer’s hottest fashion trends? It’s warm-weather perfect, playful and effortlessly chic, too!
Style tips:
  • Got a boy-like figure? Add curves by choosing a romper with a banded waist or a soft fabric like silk or chiffon.
  • For an office-friendly romper, look for one that ends above the knees — throw on a cropped blazer or cardigan and complete the look with peep-toe pumps and a belt.
  • For a longer, leaner silhouette, go for a romper with a solid color and pair with wedges or heels.

5. Two-tone dresses
There’s no faster way to look put-together than with these frocks-of-the-moment. Simulating a chic blouse-and-skirt combo, the two-tone dress is surprisingly versatile and works for day or night.
Style tips:
  • If you have pear-shaped figure, choose a dress with a lighter bodice and darker skirt to balance your proportions. If you have wide shoulders and slim hips, aim for the reverse: Go dark on top and light at the bottom.
  • Elongate your legs visually by opting for an empire-waist cut.

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