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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Top Ten Shoe Companies In The World

Shoe Companies - Top Tens List!
Along with many other things like water, cell phones and internet shoes are also one of those things that are a necessity in our lives and cannot be lived without (except for those unfortunate people who can't afford them). However, as humans, we tend to like some things better than others and its the same when it comes to shoes. That's why, we present you with the Top Ten's List of the top ten shoe companies which are:
#10: Hi-Tec
A small company, Hi-Tec, ranks number 10 in the top shoe companies list and is known for its sports and leisure footwear.
#9: Asics
Another not very well-known company, but worth knowing company is Asics which ranks ninth in our list. Asics has been known for manufacturing great quality of sports gear for number of sports and its revenue for 2010 was US$224.4 billion.
#8: K-Swiss
At number 8 is, K-Swiss; not as well known worldwide as Nike and Adidas but still generates enough attention to rank in our list.
#7: New Balance
New Balance ranks 7 in our list. Aside from footwear, New Balance is also very well known for its apparels and accessories and its revenue for 2006 was US$1.55 billion.
#6: Converse
At number 6 in our top shoe company list is Converse which is currently owned by Nike. It is also very well known for its athletic shoes and apparels and was established in early 20th century.
#5: Fila
The fifth in the top shoe companies list is Fila which is also known worldwide for its athletic shoes, apparels and accessories. Fila's revenue for 2007 was US$413 million.
#4: Puma
Puma ranks 4th in the top shoe companies list. Its mainly known for its football (soccer) shoes, providing shoes for legends like Pele, Maradona, Buffon. Its 2010 revenue was US$ 3.84 billion.
#3: Reebok
Reebok is a subsidiary of Adidas and it currently ranks third in the world. It was also found in Germany and it wasn't until 1979 it became an international company.
#2: Adidas
Another well-known brand, Adidas, ranks 2nd in our top list; it ranks first in Europe and by the end of 2009, Adidas' revenue was listed at US$14.8 billion.
#1: Nike
The world's leading supplier of athletic shoes and apparel and top in the top ten shoe companies with revenue in excess of US$18.6 billion in the year of 2008. Its worldwide known slogan is, 'Just Do It'. Nike!
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article by: Saim A Malik

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