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Sunday, 9 October 2011

What Type Of Gown Suits You?

For all our readers who are overseas or didn’t catch our column in The Star newspaper (Malaysia) the other day, here’s our piece on finding the best wedding gown for your bod. Yes, before you start flipping through the bridal mags or scouring the net for the latest designs and trends, a bride should firstly sort out what style of dress suits her figure. Now, you might find it odd that our feminine body shapes are likened to the shapes of  ‘fruits’, but it is apparently one of the most popular ways to sort out exactly ‘who’ you are.

Reem Acra gown with the flattering empire waistline
If you’re a pear-shaped girl, your hips tend to be a bit heavier so you need to choose a seriously figure-friendly style, such as the empire waistline or baby-doll gown that brings attention away from your hips.
Tip: A princess or full skirt will help create the effect of defining your waist.
Beware: Evil slinky fabrics that will hug at your hips.

Slinky and seductive with an Annasul Y gown
Not only am I Eurasian but it seems I’m a banana when it comes to my figure as well! If you’re a banana lady, you’ve got a straight-down figure that’s less hourglass but somewhat evenly proportioned (Hello hips, where are you?!). Opt for a princess or A-line gown that enhances the bust line and creates more of an even hip-to-waist ratio. Or simply a gown that has some beading or tie that highlights the waist, as the Annasul gown does above. Or if you want to downplay your height, go for a more voluminous silhouette.
Tip: Think halter necks and silky, body-hugging fabrics that show off your shape.
Beware: High heels (if you’re already tall) and headpieces that make you even taller!

La Sposa gown in the Mermaid cut
Ahhh…. the figure all women crave for; a narrow waist with evenly proportioned bust and hips. For this lucky girl – any dress suits you! You can even don a mermaid gown (one of the most unforgiving styles) or bias-cut gown to accentuate your figure.
Tip: Opt for a sweetheart neckline to mimic the shape of your body’s natural curves.
Beware: Although you should highlight your ‘curves’, bear in mind too much of something is never a good thing. Avoid plunging necklines unless you want strange looks from your guests…
We all know an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but in this case a girl with the typical apple shape tends to have a not-so-tight tummy area, which means you want to draw attention away from your waist. Wide straps will help you balance your figure out and V-necklines also create a slimming effect.
Tip: Just because you don’t have a tiny waist, it doesn’t mean you don’t have assets to show off! Try a knee-length hemline to flaunt your legs!
Beware: High necklines. Nobody really needs to look any bigger, do we?

Last words:
Well, ladies, now that we’ve come to the end of Body Shapes and Bridal Gowns 101, let’s recap what we’ve learned -
• What looks fabulous on others may not be as flattering on you
• It’s best to be honest with yourself and choose what suits your natural shape
• The A-line rules!
• Don’t fret – there is a perfect dress out there for everyone

author: Stephanie Chai
To read more, please go to The Star Online.
* Pictures kindly provided by Designer Bridal Room, one of Malaysia’s premier bridal boutiques that houses names such as Pronovias, Ellie Saab and so on. Pop by their LWB page or website for more details.

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