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Monday, 10 October 2011

Create Unique Looks With These Cheap Hip Hop Clothing Ideas

Hip hop clothing is something that people of all ages can enjoy wearing. And no matter what kind of personality a person has, sometime in their lives, they do experiment with this stuff. I'm pretty sure every single person has one item or another in their wardrobe that has a hip hop vibe to it. It is just very playful, joyful, and youthful. Every now and then, people like bringing out that youth in them by putting on their old hip hop clothing and feeling fresh again. On top of that they are also very comfortable to wear and move around in. This is another major reason why a lot of people prefer them in their day to day casual wear. In the modern world, it has been given a more edgy twist with a more urban touch in it. Many people are rushing towards this funky new trend and you should not hold yourself back either.
If you want to experiment with this new look without having to spend too much money on it, you can easily find cheap clothing to try out. The first thing you can do to experiment with this look is to not spend any money at all. Simply open up your wardrobe and fish out all your old clothes. Hip hop is all about fun looks. Look for something in your wardrobe that has a loose fitting. The basics of cheap fashionable clothing are baggy pants and loose fitting shirts. All you have to do is mix and match your old clothes with your new clothes and instantly create cheap clothing. Throw on some junky jewelry, a gold or silver chain, and a few rings, and there you go, a perfectly cool hip look with no extra cash at all.
If you are seriously looking for new cheap clothing, you should first get acquainted with the basics of hip hop clothing. If you are looking to create this style, you definitely need to have baggy pants in your wardrobe. Baggy pants are a must have for this look. Try looking for cheap clothing in cargo pants. These are easily available at any cheap store and would look great for your cheap clothing. When buying cargo or baggy pants always go for two sizes larger than what your original size is. This is because your pants really need to hang low on your body and be very loose to look hip. The next most important item is a funky top. Again, make sure you buy a top that is a few sizes larger than your own size. This will create the perfect look. Again be as spontaneous as possible. Take a few plain white shirts and fabric paint and dab on different colored designs to create your own customized cheap clothing.
There are a lot of cheap retail stores from where you can find stuff that will look great in your overall style. You do not necessarily have to go to high end stores. Simply pick out something from an ordinary store that will help you get access to cheap clothing of your own choice. Regarding accessories you can simply take any large-sized chain and spray paint it in golden color. This will give you the instant rap look to your outfit without costing anything much. Finally pair it up with your old sneakers and you are all set to go.

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