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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Swarovski Brings the Sparkle To Your Eyes

By: maylee
feature photo
Focus Point launched Stepper and Pantone’s ranges of eyewear, and now comes another range of eyewear that will definitely appease the bespectacled fashion-savvy consumer – Swarovski. Swarovski started off its optical range with a line of sunglasses, launched for the 2011′s Spring/Summer collection.
Fusing contemporary style with discreet reminders of Swarovski’s brilliant roots, some pieces come with subtle ornamentation whereas others have faceted frames reminiscent of a beautifully-cut piece of crystal.
If you’re looking to make a statement without being too outlandish, Swarovski’s subtle sparkle will give you that air of sophistication add some life to your appearance. The range consists of 10 different styles with three key elements that give it that distinctive Swarovski air – ‘Architecture of Crystal’, the ‘Swan logo’, and the ‘Swanflower motif’ which is the merging of four swans to create an orchid-like shape. With a colour palette that consists of classic black, chic tortoiseshell, bold red and sophisticated mauve, there is definitely something for everyone!

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