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Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Details on Applying Gothic Makeup

Gothic makeup is an art that takes an enormous deal of practice to master correctly, and unfortunately, is misunderstood by many people. The amount of misinformation regarding the Gothic lifestyle has created the wrong image. Far too many people have the wrong image of what Gothic people represent, and why they apply their makeup in a unique way. Unfortunately, people instantly think vampires, depression and death when they think of Gothic people.
The Gothic lifestyle can be traced back to the Edwardian era, where people began to experiment with their makeup and clothing. Both men and women discovered that dramatic looks, and dark makeup created stunning results. Although the Gothic makeup is unique, there are styles that can be linked to the punks, Elizabethans and Victorians. Many different periods throughout history have influenced the overall Gothic style today.
The dramatic contrast between black and white which is used is incredibly popular with Gothic makeup. Often the face will need to be incredibly pale before applying the dramatic touches of black to the face. Baby powder it typically used to ensure that the face is incredibly pale, some people also choose to use very pale foundation. Whatever base coat you choose you need to remember to apply a little, as too much will create a bad look.
One of the most prominent makeup items in the Gothic lifestyle is the black eyeliner. Both men and women will apply this and create incredible, deep eyes. The eyeliner is applied to the bottom lid, and you will want to enhance your eyes. Gothic's always want other people to notice their eyes before anything else; therefore, they need to be dramatic. Your eyebrows should be plucked and perfect, which will open up the area surrounding your eye.
The selection process for the eyeliner can take a great deal of time to ensure that the perfect one is found. Black is of course the traditional color to fit with the Gothic lifestyle, however, some people prefer browns or grey. There are many great liquid eye liners available to ensure that you can create fantastic looking eyes for your Gothic makeup.
The liquid eyeliner will produce a very clean, sharp look which is ideal when looking to create the perfect impression. Mascara is equally important and will be applied by both men and women in great quantities. There is an exceedingly fine line between a dramatic amount of mascara and too much. Learning how to apply the Gothic makeup is an art form, which can take some time to master. However, practice will allow you to experiment with what look terrific and what is over the top.
Your lips will need to have some color, and this varies from person to person. Typically the Gothic lifestyle would have looked at black lips, however, today dark reds, purples and blues are all very popular. The concept behind the Gothic makeup is to enhance one area of your face, so if your eyes are the feature, your lips should be more subtle.
Everyone is individual, even when you are following a Gothic lifestyle; therefore, your Gothic makeup should look fantastic and express who you are. Experimenting with different makeup's until you achieve the look that you desire is essential.

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