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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Listen To Him

By: elise

Sometimes we tend to forget that men too need someone to confide in and listen to them when they have had a hard day.  Most men will listen patiently while their girlfriends go on and on about how they have had a hard day, or how they had a disagreement with so-and-so, or simply when they are having a bad day or feeling fat. But we women need to remember that we need to reverse the roles sometimes too.
Here’s how you can ensure you are there for your man when he needs you:
  • If you notice he is being unusually quiet: Ask him if something is on his mind. Sometimes men need to be prodded a little before they reveal information because they aren’t like women, who just express everything they are feeling. If you notice he is being unusually quiet, ask him if something is wrong and if he would like to talk about it.
  • If he doesn’t want to talk about it just yet: If he still doesn’t seem ready to talk about it even after you’ve asked, then just let him know that you’re there to listen whenever he is ready to talk. Don’t push or pester him, because this may annoy him even more. Just let him know you’re there if he needs someone to talk to and leave it at that. He will come to you when he is ready.
  • When he is ready to talk: When he is ready to talk, listen to him. Don’t be judgmental, don’t criticize, just listen patiently while he rants, and offer some words of support or encouragement here and there.
  • Show him you love him: If you see that your man is having a bad day, do something to cheer him up. Like cook him his favorite meal for example. Or bring him to one of his favorite places where you know he is always happy to go.
They may not say it often, but guys do need someone they can count on too and someone to listen to them sometimes. A little show of support is enough to make your man remember why he fell in love with you in the first place. And believe me, they do notice!
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