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Monday, 10 October 2011

It’s All About The Bling

My heart skipped a beat (okay… several beats) while I was writing this article; I couldn’t help but ooh and aah each time I came across a picture of a beautiful wedding ring, which happened very often. Here at WGA, we’ve decided to do a little post on wedding rings because unlike the dress or the shoes, you’re likely to be wearing it for the rest of your life. When you first venture out in search of the perfect wedding ring there are a couple of things to keep in mind to avoid feeling overwhelmed and confused.
Know your type
The choices are endless and with all that variety you’re bound to get confused so it wouldn’t hurt to do your research before heading out in search of the perfect wedding ring. If simplicity is your style then you may opt for a traditional wedding ring which consists of a plain wedding band. If you like your bling then try to narrow down your preferences before you go shopping, after all there are so many different diamond cuts you can choose from.
Get creative
We’re all about personalizing things here at WGA, whether it’s the invitation cards or the deco so we’re definitely up for personalizing wedding rings. You can choose to have your rings engraved with initials, pet names, really anything you want (as long as it fits).
Stick to the budget (well, try to…)
We know this is a big challenge especially when you’ve found the perfect ring and it’s unfortunately out of your budget. First things first, weigh the ups and downs and see whether you can afford to spend a little extra dough on the ring. If you can’t, then fret not; diversify your search and you’ll most likely end up with a lovely ring that is well within your budget.
Know where to shop
Here’s where we come to the rescue! For our loyal Singaporean readers and those willing to make the trip down to Singapore, do check out one of our very own vendors, More Than Diamonds. Rumour has it that they’ve designed rings for a certain celebrity we interviewed a while back (okay I’ll give you a clue – It’s Shan Wee!!). The Carat Club is big here in Malaysia and so is Habib Jewels but if you want to have completely custom made rings then check out WendyLorArtisans. For our Aussie readers, I did a bit of research and found Simon West to have a pretty nice collection.
Well, there it is, folks – all the tools you’ll need to equip yourselves with before entering the big beautiful sparkly jungle! Just remember that at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t got a Neil Lane or Harry Winston on your finger as long as you’re happy. Have fun shopping! ;)
author: Samira Albana

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