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Monday, 10 October 2011

Tips for Choosing Sunglasses!

There is a huge variety of sunglasses available for you to choose from. The market is full of sunglasses with different styles, prices and features. It is normally very difficult for everyone to choose the right kind of pair. Now the question arises that what should one be looking for in finding the right pair of eyeglasses.
There are three basic things that you need to keep in mind while looking for eyeglasses.
They must provide you with good eye protection
They must be comfortable enough that you are easy with them anytime, anywhere.
The must add style to your personality.
If any pair of eyeglasses fits into these three categories, it is worth choosing.
Eye protection is the ultimate goal here while looking for glasses. Your eyeglasses must provide you protection from ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet radiation rays in the atmosphere can damage your eyes very badly. Therefore the protection of eye must be the ultimate goal. You must look for D&G eyeglasses which have lenses that block a high percentage of the ultraviolet rays and the blue rays present in the atmosphere. Check out the label on the glasses and make sure the label reads somewhat like this UV 400 or 100 percent UV or something similar. If it is the first stage is half cleared for you.
Another thing that you must be conscious of is the material of the lens. The material of the sunglasses differs from brand to brand. You would find some of the types heavier than others and at the same time you would also find some of the types more durable when compared.
Check if your eyeglasses are made up of light weight durable material and the plastic used in the glasses is of high quality. The colors applied to eyeglasses are used to absorb sunlight. Due to these colors the sunlight does not pass easily through them. Keep in mind that the gray color in lens reduces the brightness but it does not distort the color. Brown color helps reducing the glare. Yellow lens sharpens the view for you by reducing the haze from blue light. If you choose green lens they will create good contrast between objects.
If you participate in water sports then choose rose colored lenses.
Polarized lens is another common term that you might have come across. These lens help in reducing the glare which is created by the bouncing of the light from several objects.
Try choosing lenses which are scratch resistance so that the life of your D&G eyeglasses goes longer.
After passing through these quality measures, your first stage has been cleared.
Choose eyeglasses which you are comfortable with. There might be glasses which look cool on you yet you might not feel comfortable with. For example if big goggles like glasses suit you yet you are not comfortable of wearing them in front of your colleague during field work, then what is the use of the sunglasses?
So always choose eyeglasses which make you comfortable. Choose only if you can wear them everywhere and every time. Keeping two pair of D&G eyeglasses is not an easy job and especially when you don't have the habit of taking this kind of stuff always with you. Plus if one pair of eyeglasses is enough to be carried anywhere then what's the use of carrying two different pairs of D&G eyeglasses.
This clears the second stage. Now comes the third stage after which decision will become much easier for you.
There are always some trends which are popular in the market. You have to search for these latest trends so that you can add style to your personality and stand in the row of stylish people. The styles change every year just like any other fashion. However, there are some D&G eyeglasses pairs which can be called evergreen in style since they are less likely to be out of fashion at any point of time. Try these styles and see if they suit you.
Keep these basic things in mind when you go shopping and there you go! Protection and trend both can be placed together so select and enjoy life to the maximum.

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