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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Finding Sunglasses that Suit Your Face!

By: lavender
feature photoSunglasses are gorgeous accessories that add a touch of chic to your look while protecting your peepers from the harmful rays of the sun! However, finding the right kind of sunglasses to suit your face shape can be a little tricky, so we decided to put together a little how-to guide on finding the perfect pair!

1. Oval Face
If you have a long oval face, you’re lucky. People with oval faces look great in any hairstyle, and sunnies are no different! We’d suggest trying out those daring wrap-around sunnies as they’re flattering and definitely different. Something those with other face shapes wouldn’t be able to pull off!
2. Round Face
If your face is round and your features are not particularly sharp and prominent, it is best to add some angles to your face. How? With square sunnies of course! The square or rectangular frames will make your features appear sharper and give your face a more chiseled appearance.
3. Square Face
If you have a broad jawline and a squarish face, it’s best to go in the opposite direction of those with round faces. Opt for sunnies with round frames that will soften your features and give you a feminine, less angular look.
4. Heart Shaped Face
If you have a wide forehead and a sharp chin, you have what is known as a heart shaped face. For your face cut, go for something a little more delicate. Avoid wired frames and DEFINITELY avoid wayfarers as they emphasize your wide forehead. Go for large glasses that are slightly rounded to balance out your features.
So there you have it, a guide on finding the shades to suit your face. Have fun rocking those sunnies, ladies!
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